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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best load testing tools?

What is the best load testing tool?LoadNinjaWebLoadRedLine 13LoadRunner or the HP Performance Tester, etc. But, my suggestion is to choose Jmeter as it is GUI based and doesn’t need knowledge on scripting. ...It is capabl

How to load test a web application?

Step I. Create a new Web Performance and Load Test Project. ...Step II. After creating the project add a new Web Performance Test. ...Step III. Once we create a WPT, it’s time to add a Load Test. ...Step IV. Configure Load Test Duration. ...Step V. Configure Load Test user load. ...Step VI. Define Load Test mix. ...Step VII. Configure counter sets. ...Step I. ...Step II. ...Step III. ...More items...

What is web application load testing?

Load testing is the procedure of applying load (also referred to as demand) on a website, web server, piece of software, or a web application. Load testing is done to find out how hardware or software performs under certain conditions. The definition of load testing is slightly dependent upon if it’s referring to hardware or software.

What is a load testing?

Physical load testingStatic testing is when a designated constant load is applied for a specified time.Dynamic testing is when a variable or moving load is applied.Cyclical testing consists of repeated loading and unloading for specified cycles, durations and conditions.

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