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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find voter records?

Voter lists are open records and available for inspection at local election official offices. 25 or more qualified voters may request a copy of the list in writing. Voter registration records, except for the confidential information. SSN, DL number, day and month of birth, mother’s maiden name, e-mail address, SMS number, the fact that a ...

How do I Check my Voter registration in Ohio?

Check your voter registration. The Voter Toolkit can help you check your voter registration, find your polling location and see a sample ballot. The Ohio Secretary of State supports voters with registration, a list of polling locations and contacts for each county's board of elections . Find your polling location, track your ballot and check ...

How to remove yourself from voter records?

Voter Records is a data broker that posts voter registration information online. To remove yourself from Voter Records, you must fill out an opt-out request and verify over email. After this, it may take over 24 hours for your information to be removed.

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