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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Votebuilder?

VoteBuilder is one of the software systems created by NGP VAN. It is used by the Democratic Party and associated campaigns to track interaction with potential voters. Votebuilder is used as part of campaign voter persuasion and "get out the vote" operations.

Does the Democratic Party restrict access to Votebuilder?

There are occasional accusations that the Democratic Party has restricted access to Votebuilder to hold off a challenge to an incumbent office holder in a primary. For example, Rachel Ventura, running against an incumbent Democrat in IL-11, was told "I've heard from our Executive Director.

What happened to NGP VAN's Votebuilder?

On Wednesday December 16, 2015, NGP VAN released a code update to their Votebuilder application which contained a bug that allowed two campaigns to see proprietary analytical scores.

How do I resize a spacer in Votebuilder?

The Gold Standard in Political Campaign Technology. VoteBuilder is built and scaled to manage the largest and most sophisticated organizing campaigns in history. Click the HTML icon in the toolbar above to edit spacer height. TO EDIT:Change the class="spacer-3"to any number between 0 (none) and 5 (most) to resize a spacer. Ex. class="spacer-5"

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