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Frequently Asked Questions

Would vote forward tell voters which candidates to vote for?

Vote Forward wouldn’t tell voters which candidate to vote for, but it would tell voters which political party they should elect. Scott J. Forman, CEO and founder of Vote Forward, made it very clear what his intentions were concerning his voter turnout PAC:

Is vote forward a bipartisan campaign?

Vote Forward attempted to seem bipartisan in its “please vote” letters by stating, “I’m not asking you to vote for particular candidates, only to be a voter, so our elected representatives are accountable to all of us.”

What can I do to help vote forward?

If you enjoyed letter writing this year, you can help our team analyze this year’s campaigns, design new experiments, and make letter writing more accessible to more volunteers with a small contribution to Vote Forward. Please consider making a contribution to help sustain our efforts over the long term.

How did vote forward raise money for its PAC?

Vote Forward also utilized ActBlue, a fundraising platform for left-wing organizations and Democratic Party-aligned PACs, to raise funds for the PAC’s activities.

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