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Frequently Asked Questions

What is vote forward?

Vote Forward (sometimes stylized Vote FWD or VoteFWD) is a Democratic-aligned voter registration and mobilization PAC (political action committee). The PAC provides template letters for individuals to complete, sign, and send urging voter participation from unlikely registered voters to increase Democratic voter turnout.

Can a vote forward letter boost voter turnout?

We’ve shown that Vote Forward letters can boost voter turnout by as much as 3.4 percentage points. This is big! Our handwritten letters are among the most effective ways you can help get out the vote.

How do you write a vote forward letter?

General topics that most people would agree with, like quality healthcare, good schools, and clean air and water, are fine to mention. When writing Vote Forward letters, you'll be completing the following sentence: I vote because... Whether you're writing "vote by mail" or "please vote!"

What can I do to help vote forward?

If you enjoyed letter writing this year, you can help our team analyze this year’s campaigns, design new experiments, and make letter writing more accessible to more volunteers with a small contribution to Vote Forward. Please consider making a contribution to help sustain our efforts over the long term.

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