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Frequently Asked Questions

What does vote for Pedro mean?

What does Vote for Pedro mean? Vote for Pedro is a popular phrase from the film Napoleon Dynamite, which is a cult classic motion picture, especially among members of Generation Y or millennials. Most often than not, the phrase is used in a nostalgic, comical manner, although in the past few years it started to gain a political tone.

What does vote for Pedro mean in Napoleon Dynamite?

For the most part, Vote for Pedro is used as a humorous or nostalgic allusion to Napoleon Dynamite. When a Napoleon Dynamite fan references Vote for Pedro, they might also be referring to the improbably skilled dance that Napoleon does in support of Pedro’s campaign.

What does vote for Pedr o mean?

Vote for Pedr o is a reference to a campaign slogan in the 2004 cult-classic film Napoleon Dynamite. It is often used politically or nostalgically.

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