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Frequently Asked Questions

What does volunteers of America Southwest do?

Volunteers of America Southwest receives millions of dollars each year in government funds to provide housing, mental health services and addiction recovery to veterans, homeless people and other vulnerable citizens.

What happened to volunteers of America Southwest in National City?

County officials have terminated their contract with Volunteers of America Southwest. The county had been giving Volunteers of America Southwest millions of dollars each year to run a 120-bed rehabilitation center for people with substance use disorders in National City.

Who is the new Chief Financial Officer of volunteers of America Southwest?

Harrell started working in Volunteers of America Southwest’s finance department in 2003, according to his lawsuit. Neither Harrell nor his attorney responded to requests for comment. Around March 2018, the company brought on a new chief financial officer, Nagham Hakeem.

How much did county officials demand from volunteers of America Southwest?

County officials are demanding that the group pay back roughly $6.5 million that made up a large portion of the funds provided by the county to Volunteers of America Southwest between 2018 and 2020, after auditors uncovered a number of issues with its billing and other financial practices.

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