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Frequently Asked Questions

What did volunteers do in WW2?

During World War II, volunteers were active in the military and on the home front. Thousands of volunteer offices took part in coordinating volunteers in collecting supplies, entertaining soldiers on leave and caring for the injured.

What is the history of volunteer work?

Inspired by religious revival, people became more aware of the disadvantaged, and the YMCA, American Red Cross and the United Way were all born in response. Volunteers also played an important role in the Civil War, as groups such as Ladies’ Aid Societies were created to make bandages, shirts, towels, bedclothes, uniforms and tents.

How did First World War volunteering shape Canada's response to Second World War?

An excellent example of how Canadians’ First World War volunteering experience shaped their handling of the Second World War is the Canadian Patriotic Fund (CPF). The CPF, Canada’s leading war charity of the First World War, was noticeably absent from the Second World War.

How did Second World War Greet veterans of First World War?

The Second World War may well have been greeted by these volunteer veterans of the First World War with an attitude akin to the title of a popular 1940s song: “We Did It Before (and We Can Do It Again).”

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