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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are Radio Flyer wagons?

While some of the Radio Flyer Wagons may be close to 100 years old, due to the material many were crafted from, they have chipped, rusted, or dinted over the years which has diminished their value. This toy was designed to be ridden, pulled, and loved, and that is what the owners of Radio Flyers did.

What is collecting vintage Radio Flyer?

For many of us, Radio Flyer brings back fond memories of our childhood and these wagons held a special place in the hearts of many. Little did we know that in Collecting Vintage Radio Flyer, the very toys we played with as children, they would become prized collector’s items.

Who made Radio Flyer toys?

Antonio worked tirelessly and alone until 1923 when he was able to hire workers as his children’s wooden toys had gained some traction. While the ‘Radio Flyer’ brand is commonly associated with their much-loved wagons, the company also produced tricycles and other ride-on toys over the years and is still producing much-loved children’s toys today.

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