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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should I Ask my vendor references?

5) Ask the reference to identify a time they were less than pleased with the vendor and ask how the vendor handled the situation. Here are some questions I ask my vendor references. Please feel free to use any of them to help you in vendor selection: • What were you hoping to achieve by hiring the vendor’s services?

What is a vendor reference?

Their vendor references might be their current agency (not likely to be happy to speak with you), their past agency (potentially happy to unload on the experience), or another professional services firm (their accountant, HR consultant, or another advisor). Should you avoid using the word “vendor”?

How do you conduct a reference check?

Inform candidates you check references, don’t delegate references checks, take detailed notes, conduct the reference check via phone, start off with easy questions, verify employment dates and work history, review social media posts, don’t ask closed-ended questions, assure the reference of confidentiality, and be on guard for fake references. 1.

What do you look for in a vendor client interview?

With the first question, you want to understand whether the former (or current) vendor client was so satisfied with their work that they continue to go back to them for help. This will tell you two things. First, were they happy with the results of the initial project? And second, do they require the vendor on an ongoing basis to innovate?

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