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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key steps involved in vendor management?

The vendor management process includes a number of different activities, such as: Selecting vendors. The vendor selection process includes researching and sourcing suitable vendors and seeking quotes via requests for quotation (RFQs) and requests for proposal (RFPs), as well as shortlisting and selecting vendors.

What are the benefits of vendor management?

Effective vendor management builds good relationships with vendors, which may improve your ability to negotiate rates and provide you access to certain discounts. Also, vendor management increases your visibility into which tasks vendors actually take care of. This can help you to see unnecessary items that are costing your company money.

What are some risks associated with vendor management?

Vendors can carry inherent risks, such as poor cyber-security practices, operational woes, or reputational blemishes, and the process of vendor risk management is designed to catch them at the screening stage, preventing the buyer from building a relationship that could in future cause them disruption. How does a vendor management system work?

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