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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a wholesale hair vendor list for 2021?

This article is going to provide you with a complete list of top hair vendors (This Vendor List is Outdated) The New Wholesale Hair Vendor List for 2021 Is Included in Our New Guide Book To Starting Your Hair Business. The book also include a fully built Hair Website so you can start making money right away

How do I know if a vendor is the right vendor?

For the most part the only way to really know if you have found the right vendor is by purchasing a sample and test the hair. Your going to want to wear the hair for about a month and run it through the grind. Do a bleach test and a burn test. Ask open ended questions.

What is AliExpress hair vendors list?

We divide all popular AliExpress hair vendors into 3 kinds: Most Recommended, Rising Stars, Tested Hair Sellers. AliExpress Hair Vendors List means the highest-ranking stores that have been built for several years, got many many positive customer reviews and you can easily find information about them everywhere.

How do I know if a hair vendor is legit?

You should try to only purchase hair from vendors that have completed at least 100 orders, have a high rating (85% and above but preferably around 95%- 100%) and have a good number of positive reviews that look like they’re real – use your best judgment. ASK Them!

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