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Frequently Asked Questions

How many players in valorant?

VALORANT, the newest tactical shooter from Riot Games, has generated tons of media buzz over the last year since its release. But exactly how many people are actually playing it? VALORANT has notched 14 million players, according to Riot. In addition to the raw player count, the esports portion of the scene is thriving.

Who is the new valorant agent?

According to @Valomemer on Twitter, the Valorant Season 3's new agent is named Skye. They explain her abilities as: AOE heal, can't self heal Wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down

When does the new valorant agent come out?

New Valorant Agents COMING Soon June 28, 2020 Editorial Team Agents, News, Update, Valorant, Valorant Agents Riot has explained what the abilities for future Agents in Valorant could look like, as they are working on enlarging their different roster of characters.

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