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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you finance home improvements with a VA loan?

VA renovation loans can be used to finance the cost of certain repairs and home improvements when you’re buying or refinancing a home. There’s no stated limit to the cost of repairs for this type of loan, but you’ll have to keep your total financed amount below the home’s "as completed" value.

What can you buy with a VA home loan?

Buying a manufactured home. The VA does allow for manufactured homes, but it can be difficult to find VA lenders willing to finance these properties. ...Buying a modular home. You can also use a VA loan to purchase a modular home. ...Buying a multiunit property. Military buyers can purchase up to four one-family residential units in a multiunit property. ...

How to get approved for a VA home loan?

Share your contract details with your lenderOrder a home inspection (recommended)Have your lender will order a VA appraisal

Is a VA home loan a good deal?

VA loans are a good deal for several reasons. First, down payments are not required for VA loans. So it's a great option if you can't make a large down payment, or if you'd prefer to make a smaller down payment and keep some of your money in the bank. There's also no PMI with a VA loan.

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