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Frequently Asked Questions

Does CarMax sell used cars?

CarMax is an automobile valuation company with centers in 225 cities across the United States that buys and sells new and used cars. With over a quarter of a century of experience, it has developed a reputation for providing high-quality service at a reasonable price. This article will cover some common questions that people typically ask.

Are CarMax cars really worth the price premium?

Yes, the cars are ostensibly in good shape and can include generous warranties, but many buyers wonder about the several thousand-dollar premium they command over other used cars. Here are a few examples. In Colorado, CarMax is selling a 2016 Toyota Highlander XLE with 26,000 miles for a no-haggle price of $32,998.

Is CarMax a good dealership?

We spoke with a few buyers and sellers, and our general opinion is that yes CarMax is good. The sellers enjoyed their car sales services because the price offered – while a bit under full value – was fair.

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