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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check my USCIS case status?

Fortunately, the USCIS makes it possible for you to check your status in a number of ways: Online. You can simply visit to the USCIS website ( and sign in using your 13-character application receipt number.

How do I contact USCIS about my case?

Submit an online inquiry about your case or request other services, such as an accommodation request, or how to correct an error on your notice. See an estimate of how much time USCIS is taking to process your application or petition at its offices. Find local and international USCIS offices and get directions to the office.

How do I get updates on my USCIS case status?

Applicants can check their USCIS case status by visiting the USCIS Case Status page. Once applicants go to the website, enter a unique 13 digit alphanumeric case number. Applicants can also create an account to track the immigration progress.

How often is USCIS case status updated?

Status information is updated on a monthly basis. Questions regarding the receipt of a particular request, urgent status inquiries, and questions about the USCIS Genealogy Program may be sent to our Case Status Request Mailbox. You can also monitor your request status through our Genealogy Request Case Status Inquiry webpage.

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