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Frequently Asked Questions

Is uscca worth the money?

Is USCCA worth the money? Yes. I have done my homework and found that for me and my spouse, the legal protection, concealed carry education, training and community are definitely worth the $58/month for BOTH of us for a Platinum Membership covers all the bases, provides us with peace of mind as we carry concealed on a daily basis, helps us keep ...

Is uscca legitimate?

Is The USCCA Legitimate? This is a major concern you may have, but the truth is yes, the USCCA is perfectly legitimate and on their website you will find an impressive collection of articles written by expert writers from all over the country.

What does uscca stand for?

What does “USCCA” stand for? USCCA stands for the “United States Concealed Carry Association.” The USCCA was founded on the belief that every responsibly armed American has the right — and the duty — to be his or her family’s ultimate protector.

Is uscca insurance any good?

Yes, USCCA insurance is perfectly legitimate and is also one of the best CCW insurances you can get now. Not only that but USCCA is even backed by a reputable insurance company, the United Specialty Insurance Company, meaning you can trust that it won’t run out of funds so quickly.

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