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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of USB connections?

USB OTG is a supplement to the USB 2.0 specification. Types of USB Connectors. Currently, there are four types of USB connectors: Type A, Type B, mini-A and mini-B and are supported by the different USB specifications (USB 1, USB 2 and USB-OTG).

What is a mini USB connector?

Mini USB cables were introduced as one of the first smaller connector options available to consumers. Its size made it a popular option for transferring data and charging digital cameras, cell phones, smaller hard drives and MP3 players.

What are Type C USB connectors and cables?

What are Type C USB connectors and cables? USB 3.1 Type C is a new copper and optical cabling interconnect solution developed, released and supported by the USB-IF (Industry Forum) consortium. Type C USB connectors are getting a lot of attention because they are also being adopted by several AV standards like DisplayPort, HDMI, MHL and Thunderbolt.

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