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Frequently Asked Questions

How to setup USB connection?

Connect the USB adapter into a USB port on Computer 1. If only one of the computers has an Ethernet port, plug the USB adapter into that computer. Otherwise, it doesn't matter which one you plug into first.

What are the types of USB connections?

USB OTG is a supplement to the USB 2.0 specification. Types of USB Connectors. Currently, there are four types of USB connectors: Type A, Type B, mini-A and mini-B and are supported by the different USB specifications (USB 1, USB 2 and USB-OTG).

What different USB connection types are there?

There are multiple types of USB that have popped up over the years, each with a unique design and use case. The most common types are USB-A, Micro-USB, and USB-C, but we’ll briefly discuss all of them. USB-A. USB-A, or USB Type A, is the original flat and rectangular connector that no one could ever figure out how to plug in correctly the ...

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