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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2020-2021 USA Swimming national team?

The 2020-2021 USA Swimming National Team is comprised of returning 2019-2020 National Team members and athletes that achieved a performance faster than the sixth-place time on the 19-20 roster before March 17, 2020. Additionally, a few athletes already on the 19-20 roster qualified in new events, and event rankings have been updated.

Who got multiple spots on the Olympic swimming teams?

On the men's side, Caeleb Dressel and Bobby Finke each earned multiple spots, as did Ryan Murphy and Kieran Smith. Now that the teams are set, the swimmers will have until July 24 to prepare for the competition, with the Olympic swimming races set to take place from then until Aug. 1.

Is the US Olympic swimming team starting to take shape?

The U.S. Olympic swimming team is starting to take shape. This week, Wave 2 of the Olympic swimming trials is taking place in Omaha, Nebraska, with the top American talents all converging on the CHI Health Center Arena trying to post the best time possible.

Is Michael Phelps still in the Olympic swimming team?

When the U.S. men’s Olympic swimming team heads to Tokyo, it will be the first Olympic Games of the 21st century without Michael Phelps. But Team USA still has plenty of medal contenders.

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