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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 10 funeral songs?

Top 10 most popular funeral songs: 'My Way' by Frank Sinatra. 'Time To Say Goodbye' by Andrea Bocelli. 'Over The Rainbow' by Eva Cassidy. 'Wind Beneath My Wings' by Bette Midler. ' Angels ' by Robbie Williams. 'Supermarket Flowers' by Ed Sheeran. 'Unforgettable' by Nat King Cole. 'You Raise Me Up' by Westlife.

What are some Catholic hymns for a funeral?

Some common hymns for Roman Catholic funerals are “Ave Maria,” “Amazing Grace,” “How Great Thou Art,” “Prayer of St. Francis” and “On Eagle’s Wings.”. Hymns for a funeral mass are sung at the same points as in a Sunday mass: processional, offertory, communion and recessional. Communion meditations are sometimes included.

What songs are appropriate for a funeral?

“Secular” songs for a funeral Face to Face – Gary Barlow Anyway – Martina McBride Song for the asking – Simon & Garfunkel Somewhere Over the Rainbow The Moon – Kendall Payne This is just So Beautiful – Jenny & Tyler (actually a Christian song but suitable for a mixed audience) Shed a Little Light, Oh Lord (So that we can see) – James Taylor

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