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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change PHP version?

I found a very easy way to switch php versions: 1 Search for system environment variable 2 Click on "Environment variables" 3 Under "System variables" select path and click on edit 4 Move the PHP version folder you want to use beforethe other one. So for example: php 7.0 will now be used: More ...

How to update PHP on Windows 10?

To update PHP on Windows 10. You must put the folder of the new PHP version in the same folder as the old. You rename the old folder or you delete it, prefer rename the old folder, now you write in a terminal console

How to install and update PHP on Mac?

To begin with, you’ll have to check the PHP version that’s currently installed in your system by typing the following command line: As we can see below, we are currently using PHP 7.3.7 on our macOS. Arguably the easiest way to install and update PHP on your macOS machine is by using Homebrew.

How to update PHP version in homebrew?

With Homebrew, you can type the following command. The process may take a bit long, however, once it’s done you can run the php -v command again. You should now see that the version is updated: If you’re using Windows, it’s much easier to run your PHP application on a pre-packaged localhost environments such as WAMP or MAMP.

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