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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get ifhrms login ID or password?

If you do not have your user ID and want to get IFHRMS login ID or password, please use the helpline number. If you want to login into the IFHRMS login page, there are two index pages – How to login as pensioner into the Karuvoolam IFHRMS login portal? In user type, select pensioner. Login to the IFHRMS pensioner login portal from there.

How to login ifhrms in Karuvoolam?

First, you have to go to the official Karuvoolam website where you will find the TNTA OAM Login option for IFHRMS. There, you have to locate the IFHRMS login form. The login form for IFHRMS is located in the left side of the page. To login, enter the credentials as asked. You need to enter the IFHRMS user ID in the first box to login.

How to add employee in ifhrms?

How to add employee in IFHRMS? Go to IFHRMS login home page and then login with finance initiator ID. Go to Finance and payroll option and select the employee option. From there, add a new employee to your IFHRMS account. Note : Please do not post your personal details in comment.

How to update previous advances in ifhrms application?

How does one update Previous Advances in IFHRMS Application? - Click on Advance migration. - After this activtity, check organization based report ( Path: HRMS -> Advances- > report -> organization based report). If recovery status is shown as yes in organization based report , set “Mark for recalculation” flag in result page.

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