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Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I log in to League of Legends?

Like the error message “we’re unable to log you in because you may be offline” indicates, the server status is off. Of course, other elements can also lead to the error. Since the League of Legends an unexpected error has occurred, you should do something to fix the error. How to fix? Here are some solutions for you. Do you often play PS4 game?

How to fix League of Legends unexpected error?

When the League of Legends unexpected error occurs, you can try end the League of Legends through Task Manager. Then, log in the game again. This method has proven to be useful by many users. So, it is worth trying. Step 1: Right click the Windows icon on the desktop and then click on Task Manager from the pop-up menu.

How to fix League of Legends restrictions?

The “restriction” manifests itself through the “An unknown error has occurred” prompt, and in order to fix it, you need to use your account to log into the League of Legends app. You don’t need to play any games or anything, you just need to have the app installed on your computer and log into it using this particular account.

How do I Quit League of Legends?

Here’s how they do it: Launch the League of Legends client as you normally do and log into your account. Shortly after logging into your LOL account (before the error prompt), press the X button to close the game. You will then be asked to confirm if you’d like to quit the game or log out.

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