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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an undergraduate mean vs. graduate?

Undergraduate A graduate is a person who has completed his or her four years bachelor degree from a college or university. Undergraduate is a person who is currently enrolled and studying in their four years bachelor degree and haven't completed it yet. Graduates can further enroll themselves in master or postgraduate degree program. More items...

What does "undergraduate" mean?

In the United States, an undergraduate or an 'undergrad' is a student pursuing a bachelor's degree (usually 4 years) at a college or university or a 2-year associate's degree program at a college, community college or vocational/technical school.

What is the difference between an undergraduate and a graduate degree?

There are many differences between earning an undergraduate vs graduate degree. First, undergraduate degrees are distinguished between associate’s and bachelor’s, whereas graduate degrees are master’s and doctorates. But the main difference between the two is the depth of your curriculum.

Do you have to do an undergraduate before a graduate?

Undergraduates do not have a bachelors degree yet, graduates do. If you're attending a program for a degree higher than a bachelors, you're a graduate student.

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