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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Ultra Mobile cost?

In Ultra’s case, you could get service for as low as $12 a month. Of course, there’s a catch (or two), like less full-speed data and no family plans (for those things check out these other prepaid plans ). This Ultra Mobile review will cover everything you need to know. Free international talk and text are great.

How do I contact ultra mobile customer service?

Ultra Mobile customer service phone number: (888) 777-0446 T-Mobile has come in a close second to Verizon's 4G LTE coverage. With 4G LTE data speeds 10x faster than 3G, meaning you can still stream videos, surf the web, and enjoy online gaming. Ultra Mobile offers a large range of phones, including the latest smartphones.

Does Ultra Mobile have international talk and text?

All of Ultra Mobile's phone plans include unlimited international talk and text to over 75 countries. The amount of data shown for each plan is the amount of LTE data that plan has. Many of Ultra Mobile's phone plans also include additional data at 3G speeds. The 3G data allotment is equal to the amount of data included at 4G LTE speeds.

Is ultra mobile an unlimited data plan?

But Ultra’s most enticing offering is actually not an unlimited data plan (at least not in our opinion). We like Ultra Mobile’s 6GB 3-Month Plan because it gives you a good chunk of data, amazing international calling benefits, and it’s cheap as heck. How good is Ultra Mobile’s network coverage and speed? Ultra Mobile doesn’t have its own network.

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