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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ultra-Fab and how does it work?

The company's product range includes Ultra Fab jacks, motorbike and bicycle carriers, towing hitches, RV & 5th wheel stabilizers, etc. Ultra-Fab runs its business according to a fairly simple yet very meaningful principle: towing trailers and RVing was meant to be enjoyable, and they are making it happen exactly that way.

Who is ultrafab and Roto?

Together, Ultrafab and Roto set the benchmark for customers in the fenestration industry. Premier manufacturer of pile and extruded weatherseal products for the window and door industry, and specialty brush and seal component parts for OEMs. Ultrafab Inc. is proud to launch the highly versatile Ultra Nylon™.

What are the dimensions of the Ultra-Fab® receiver tubes?

Universal 6" Receiver Tube (35-946405) by Ultra-Fab®. Length: 6". Standard - 2". This product is made of high-quality materials to serve you for years to come. Designed using state-of-the-art technology and with customers in mind. It... Universal Class 3 / 4 2" Drop / 3/4" Rise Ball Mount (35-946258) by Ultra-Fab®. Shank Length: 10".

Does ultrafab leave tails after insertion?

ULTRAFAB weatherstripping products do not stretch, shrink or leave tails after insertion. If you have out of tolerance T-slots, ULTRAFAB can supply most backing widths immediately to avoid waste. ULTRAFAB will respond to assembly line changes quickly, to avoid lost production time.

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