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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get help with employee-level data in UKG pro?

Get the support and the answers you need based on your UKG® solution. To protect your privacy, we are unable to provide direct assistance with employee-level data, like UKG Pro login credentials, payroll information, and tax filing forms. Should you need help with these items, please contact your employer’s HR/payroll department directly.

How do I log into UKG knowledgepass™?

Welcome to UKG KnowledgePass - your 24/7 library of in-depth, self-paced learning content. If you access UKG KnowledgePass™ via UKG Community, click the Community Users Click Here button below to log into KnowledgePass. You may be prompted to enter your community credentials.

What do I do if I’ve been locked out of ukg pro?

If you’ve been accidentally locked out of UKG Pro, please contact your employer’s HR/payroll department for help reinstating access to your solution. To protect our customers' employee-level data and privacy, we’re unable to provide direct assistance with your login credentials.

What can I do with the UKG pro mobile app?

The UKG Pro Mobile App gives you control over job-related actions that are personal to you. Through the app, you can perform a number of tasks, such as searching your employee directory, viewing and printing current and historical pay statements, accessing pay insights, viewing tax forms, and more.

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