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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the UKG pro learning help site?

This Help site includes topics related to the configuration and use of UKG Pro Learning. Search for specific subjects and topics using the Search bar, or select a category to browse a list of topics. Review other Learning content on the Learning Center by selecting the Guides, Job Aids, & Webinars or

What is ultimate Kronos group UKG pro learning?

Ultimate Kronos Group's UKG Pro Learning mobile app provides instant and secure access to your organization’s training academy right at your fingertips. You have the power to learn at your own pace, picking up where you left off whenever and wherever you want.

Why choose UKG?

The UKG Promise With over 70 years of expertise with BOTH people systems and systems of work, no one knows people and how they work better than UKG. Customer Experience We think you’re pretty special when you’re a UKG Customer. That’s why we build products designed to inspire your people –and your organization – to grow and thrive. Partner for Life

How does UKG pro work with mosaic primary care?

Mosaic Primary Care Network UKG Pro helps Mosaic Primary Care automate payroll to simplify scheduling and save significant time in timecard processing and review. MarketSource MarketSource uses UKG Dimensions to create flexible part-time staff schedules and meet retail client needs, boosting engagement and reducing costs.

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