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Frequently Asked Questions

What jobs can I do with a degree in UK UK?

UK HealthCare jobs Office/clerical jobs Research/specific jobs Administration/management jobs Service/maintenance jobs Faculty jobs Cooperative extension jobs Employment links Contact Employment

What are the current government job incentive schemes & opportunities?

This page provides a list of current Government job incentive schemes & opportunities available to councils. Apprenticeships provide a real job with substantive, sustained high quality training in order to become occupationally competent in the chosen industry with a broad range of industries on offer.

How many people are employed in local government?

The estimated number of people employed in local government continues to fall to reach a new record low of 2.03 million for March 2019. It is down 10,000 (0.5%) compared with December 2018 and down 38,000 (1.8%) compared with March 2018, as shown in Figure 2. The composition of the public sector is changing due to academy conversions in England.

How many public sector employees are there in the UK?

2. Analysis Total public sector employment, seasonally adjusted, UK, March 1999 to March 2019 There were an estimated 5.39 million employees in the public sector for March 2019. This was:

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