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Frequently Asked Questions

When is UEFA Women's Euro England 2022?

The UEFA Women's EURO England 2022 kicks off at 8pm on 6 July 2022, when England face Austria at Old Trafford, Manchester. How do I get tickets for UEFA Women's EURO England 2022? You can buy tickets to the UEFA Women's EURO England 2022 here. What channel will England's UEFA Women's EURO England 2022 games be televised on?

Who will host the UEFA Women's Euro 2021?

England has been selected to host the 16-team UEFA Women's EURO 2021. As the Netherlands savour their maiden UEFA Women's EURO title, examines how the hosts became only the fourth different nation to taste continental glory. Global sports brand becomes the personalised match ball supplier...

What countries are in Euro 2022?

Wednesday 20 JulyEngland 2-1 Spain(aet, Brighton & Hove) Thursday 21 JulyGermany 2-0 Austria(Brentford) Friday 22 JulySweden 1-0 Belgium(Wigan & Leigh) Saturday 23 JulyFrance 1-0 Netherlands(aet, Rotherham) Women's EURO 2022 groups Group A: England (hosts), Austria, Norway, Northern Ireland Group B: Germany, Denmark, Spain, Finland

How many teams were in the women's Euro?

A record 47 teams took part in the groups and 12 nations booked finals spots alongside England, with six others in the play-offs. notitle UEFA Women's EURO Latest Fixtures & results Event guide Groups Teams Stats History About Also visit Inside UEFA UEFA Foundation Change language English Français Deutsch

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