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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UAB known for?

UAB is an internationally renowned research university and academic medical center known for its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to education. The University of Alabama at Birmingham | UAB Skip to navigation Skip to main content

What are the system requirements for paging at UAB?

You must use at least Internet Explorer 8; 9 or 10 are better. (Even better: use any browser other than Internet Explorer). Need to SEND a page immediately and have no access - call UAB Paging Operators at 205-934-3411. An Advanced Paging Log In/Password or BlazerID/Password is now required to utilize this site outside the campus or hospital.

Why can't I view the UAB it website on Internet Explorer?

UAB IT no longer supports viewing this website on Internet Explorer and as such has not been tested on this browser. Please consider upgrading to a modern web browser such as the Chromium based Microsoft Edge.

What is UAB anywhere?

UAB IT has implemented UAB Anywhere, a Citrix Cloud virtual desktop solution. If offers access to a variety of UAB technology resources from anywhere, including: Can't access software because your computer is too old? Use UAB Anywhere to access it in the cloud. Can't get to a lab on campus?

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