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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tryptone soya agar?

Tryptone Soya Agar is recommended as a reference medium when testing selective media to measure the degree of inhibition 1. Tryptone Soya Agar, also known as Casein Soya Bean Digest Agar, is a general purpose medium specified in pharmacopoeia and food testing methods for the growth of a wide variety of organisms.

How is Micrococcus luteus cultivated on Tryptic soy agar?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Colonies of Micrococcus luteus on Tryptic Soy Agar. Cultivation 48 hours, 37°C. Trypticase soy agar [1] or tryptone soya agar ( TSA) and Trypticase soy broth [1] or tryptone soya broth ( TSB) with agar are growth media for the culturing of bacteria.

Which Agar is recommended for conformation of Listeria in Henry's Light?

Tryptone Soya Yeast Extract Agar is recommended for conformation of Listeria in Henry`s light. It is also recommended by ISO Committee under the specification ISO 10560:1993. Suspend 51 g in 1000 ml distilled water.

What is the difference between TSA and nutrient agar?

As with any media, minor changes may be made to suit specific circumstances. TSA is frequently the base medium of other agar plate types. For example, blood agar plates (BAP) are made by enriching TSA plates with defibrinated sheep blood, and chocolate agar is made through additional cooking of BAP. Nutrient agar is also similar to TSA.

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