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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tryptone glucose yeast extract agar?

Tryptone Glucose Yeast Extract Agar was originally developed by Bowers and Hucker (1) which they called as Tryptone Glucose Skim Milk Agar. Later on it was modified to the present composition for the cultivation and enumeration of bacteria in air, water (2), milk and dairy products (3).

What is yeast dextrose agar?

This medium is known as Yeast Dextrose Agar. In 1948, the American Public Health Association (APHA) adopted Tryptone Glucose Extract Agar for use in testing milk and dairy products. Currently, APHA specifies Tryptone Glucose Extract Agar for the heterotrophic plate count procedure in testing bottled water.

What is YY yeast glucose agar used for?

Yeast Glucose Agar is a selective medium recommended for isolation and enumeration of fungi-yeasts and moulds in milk and milk products (1, 2, 3). Recently this medium has been recommended by ISO committee for the enumeration of yeasts and moulds (4). The medium contains yeast extract, which…

What is tryptone powder?

Tryptone Powder: Casein Peptone Type I is a pancreatic digest of casein containing all the amino acids found in casein as well as larger peptide fractions. It is an excellent nutrient for use in culture media for producing antibiotics, toxins, enzymes and other biological products. This…

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