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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of TriZetto provider solutions?

“ Our integration with TriZetto Provider Solutions was seamless and our revenue cycle management process improved right away. We cut expenses by 30-40 percent and productivity increased by 50 percent. ” The numbers don’t lie. your business?

Where can I contact TriZetto?

TriZetto Provider Solutions 3300 Rider Trail South Earth City, MO 63045 1.800.969.3666

What is TriZetto elements®?

Our TriZetto Elements® suite extends the functionality of your core system with the features you need. By providing critical capabilities for tasks ranging from enrollment through risk adjustment, Elements helps you efficiently drive these lines of business forward.

How can TriZetto reduce the risk of CMS penalties?

Reduce the risk of potential CMS penalties. TriZetto’s Enrollment Administration Manager offers efficient processing of all MA-PD CMS transactions from enrollment to acceptance by CMS through a modern user interface.

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