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Frequently Asked Questions

How many trivia questions for teens?

If you are looking for such questions, then read on as MomJunction brings to you 115 trivia questions and answers for teens. Whether they watch it or play it, sport is a favorite pastime for most teens.

What are some good food trivia questions for teens?

Thus, food trivia questions for teens is a delight for the foodies who honestly wanted to step out of their food coma! 1. What is eggshell primarily made up of? Answer: Calcium carbonate. 2. Rice is mainly composed of which nutrient? Answer: Carbohydrate. 3. What do you call a person who does not eat meat but eats fish? Answer: Pescatarian. 4.

Why is trivia important for teens?

That’s why playing a game that is full of knowledgeable questions is very important for your teens. Yes, we know some trivia questions are pointless, but benefits come from this teen trivia game that provides you with the ability to use your brain in difficult situations. However, entertain your teens is not an easy task.

What are some Halloween trivia questions for teens?

Halloween Trivia Questions For Teens 187. Where did Halloween originate? Ireland 188. What do you call the fear of Halloween? Samhainophobia 189. What were the two countries that popularized Halloween costumes? Scotland and Ireland 190. Which Romanian region is home to Dracula’s castle? Transylvania 191. What is the meaning of the name Dracula?

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