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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Play Trivia games online?

Just download our party trivia app, and get quick access to all sorts of trivia questions and answers for your game! You can also play trivia games online with our online trivia platform Trivia Live. Fun trivia questions and answers are always a hit no matter when you ask them.

What are the Best Trivia games for pub quizzes?

There are a ton of trivia party games online to keep your pub-quiz crew practising. For the best ones out there, including freebies like Random Trivia Generator and apps like QuizUp, as well as detailed logistics on how to throw a DIY trivia night over Zoom, check out our comprehensive guide.

How do you play trivia Murder Party?

It’s time to play Trivia Murder Party, a deadly quiz show where you match wits with a trivia-obsessed killer. Answer trivia questions correctly in each round or you’ll find yourself on The Killing Floor, where players compete in devious minigames that determine whether they survive another round or become a ghost.

What is trivia live?

We provide you trivia questions about sport, science, movie & TV and many more. So let's go, take your friends, siblings or parents and prove your intelligence. This game is all you need to have a brilliant time! Prove your knowledge and join Trivia Live! Challenge yourselves answering questions about all sorts of categories.

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