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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I Play Trivia games online?

You can also play trivia games online with our online trivia platform Trivia Live. Fun trivia questions and answers are always a hit no matter when you ask them. Everyone is bound to think twice and have a chuckle when you ask these questions.

What makes a trivia quiz game so easy to play?

What makes a trivia quiz game so easy to play is that there are many free trivia questions you can find online. You can also easily take your trivia quiz game to the next level by adding more rules or playing other variations of the game. Check out these other ways to make your trivia quiz game more exciting!

What are the best trivia questions for adults?

Here are the 11 best trivia questions for adults: 1. First dollar coin made on which date? Contrary to the golden dollar coin now, the first-ever dollar coin was made of silver. The word "dollar" was derived from the German word " thaler ", which is a large silver German coin.

What are the rules of the trivia game?

The team has to answer the trivia question within one minute. If they answer the question correctly, they get two points. If the team gets the answer wrong, the next team gets a chance to answer the trivia question but within 30 seconds only. If the next team successfully gets the answer right, they get 1 point.

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