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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Trenton systems?

We are committed to providing top-quality, USA-made, high-performance computing solutions to customers running mission-critical applications in harsh settings worldwide and across various industries. Trusted by Many Configured for the Battlespace Explore our line of high-performance computers and start crafting a solution today Trenton Systems

What is Trenton HPC?

All branches of the armed forces are using a Trenton HPC solution to run mission-critical sea, land, air, space, and cyberspace applications. Our USA-made systems are SWaP-C-optimized, certified to military standards, and offer unmatched flexibility, scalability, and resilience, no matter where the mission takes place.

What is Trenton ruggedtm?

Trenton Rugged™ servers and workstations are built to guarantee reliability, offer hardened security, and exceed the most complex specs & requirements in the harshest conditions.

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