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Frequently Asked Questions

How many court sessions does Trenton Municipal Court have?

Trenton Municipal Court conducts 24 court sessions per week in the facility located at 225 North Clinton Avenue. The 24 sessions represent 12 different kinds of court matters, including: The court session hours are:

What is the Trenton Municipal Prosecutor's Office?

The Trenton Municipal Prosecutor's Office is a legal arm of the Department of Law. This office under the direction of the Chief Municipal Prosecutor is charged with the aggressive prosecution of the following:

Do NJ Municipal Court judges have tenure?

NJ municipal court judges don't have tenure and aren't subject to a mandatory retirement age, characteristics which distinguish them from other Judges in the Judiciary. Many of NJ municipal court judges serve only part-time and, thus, are able to maintain private law practices, subject to the Rules of Court.

Is the Trenton City Council conference canceled?

Notice is hereby given that the conference session of the City Council of the City of Trenton, NJ, to be held on December 13, 2022, has been canceled. The next scheduled meeting will be a combined conference and regular session to take... Read on... Additional Info...

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