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Frequently Asked Questions

How does TransferWise make money?

The idea at the basis of TransferWise is to magically transform any international money transfer into a national one (usually free or costing much less than international ones), thus reducing costs for its users. TransferWise holds bank accounts into each single country where it operates,...

Is TransferWise safe to use?

Luckily, TransferWise is one of the few services to transfer money abroad that has proven to be safe and secure. TransferWise is also simple. According to multiple verified reviews, TransferWise is one of the safest services to transfer money overseas services currently available.

Are TransferWise accounts FDIC insured?

The Transferwise Borderless bank account does not have FDIC or FSCS insurance at the moment. This means that if the bank goes bust, then people with money in their accounts may lose their money. The reasons why Transferwise haven't got this insurance and why they do not need it is threefold.

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