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Frequently Asked Questions

What does transfection mean?

Transfection refers to the introduction of foreign DNA (genetic material other than host genomes) into the cell. The main purpose of transfection is to alter the host genome to express or block the expression of the protein associated with the gene.

How does transfection work?

Transfection is the process of inserting genetic material, such as DNA and double stranded RNA, into mammalian cells. The insertion of DNA into a cell enables the expression, or production, of proteins using the cells own machinery, whereas insertion of RNA into a cell is used to down-regulate the production of a specific protein by stopping translation.

What is the difference between transfection and transformation?

• Transformation is the introduction of a gene into a prokaryotic cell (bacterial and yeast), whereas transfection is usually called the introduction of a gene into a mammalian cell. • Transformation results in heritable alteration, in genes, whereas transfection can result in either temporary expression or permanent changes in genes.

How to improve transfection efficiency?

• Optimizing for cell density so that the cells are 70-90% confluent on the day of transfection, can help to improve efficiency by almost 10-15% • Maintaining healthy cells in log phase during sub-culturing • Controlling cell passage number post thawing is important for the health of the cells; most cell types should be used between 4 and ...

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