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Frequently Asked Questions

What is trailer?

Definition of trailer (Entry 2 of 2) intransitive verb. 1 : to live or travel in or with a trailer. 2 : to be transportable by trailer a light boat that trailers easily. transitive verb. : to transport (something, such as a boat) by means of a trailer. Other Words from trailer Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More about trailer.

Where can I buy a trailer?

All Pro Trailer Superstore offers convenient delivery right to your home or business, or you can pick-up at our location just outside of Harrisburg, PA. You can also purchase your trailer over the phone and receive on-the-spot financing. We will have your unit ready for pick up at our superstore.

What is a utility trailer?

A utility trailer is useful for hauling equipment, supplies, or small vehicles like ATVs. They are open on top, which allows for easy loading and unloading. You should always properly secure your cargo with straps and a tarp if necessary.

What are the different types of trailers?

Our diverse range of steel and aluminum utility trailers, car haulers, equipment trailers, dump trailers, and enclosed cargo trailers will provide you professional reliability and performance you can count on. Find a Trailer For Sale with Trailertrader!

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