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Frequently Asked Questions

Is townhall Conservative?

Townhall is an American politically conservative website, print magazine and radio news service. Previously published by The Heritage Foundation, it is now owned and operated by Salem Communications. The website features more than 80 columns by a variety of writers and commentators. The website also publishes news articles from the Associated Press. Townhall also provides five minute radio newscasts around the clock, detailing national and world news items. These newscasts air at the beginning o

What does townhall mean?

Townhall Town"hall`, n. A public hall or building, belonging to a town, where the public offices are established, the town council meets, the people assemble in town meeting, etc.

What is the purpose of the townhall meeting?

A town hall meeting is held to present information to residents of the town and hear their concerns and opinions. The focus of these meetings include topics of local concern, such as capital projects, programs, services, special events and key issues affecting residents.

What is the correct spelling for Townhall?

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