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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of a tournament?

A tournament is a series of a particular sports activity in which one team finally wins and all other participating teams loose. The various types of tournaments are : (a) Knock out tournament : It is a tournament in which any team that gets defeated once, gets eliminated from the entire tournament.

What does Tourment mean?

torment ( ˈtoːment) noun 1. (a) very great pain, suffering, worry etc. He was in torment. tormento 2. something that causes this. tormento (toːˈment) verb to cause pain, suffering, worry etc to. She was tormented with worry/toothache. atormentar torˈmentor ( -ˈmen-) noun a person who torments. tormento, persona/cosa que atormenta

What is the noun for tournament?

tournament noun /ˈtʊənəmənt/, /ˈtɔːnəmənt/ /ˈtʊrnəmənt/ ( North American English, less frequent tourney) a sports competition involving a number of teams or players who take part in different games and must leave the competition if they lose. The competition continues until there is only the winner left. a golf/tennis/soccer/chess tournament

What is tournament selection?

Tournament Selection is a Selection Strategy used for selecting the fittest candidates from the current generation in a Genetic Algorithm. These selected candidates are then passed on to the next generation. In a K-way tournament selection, we select k-individuals and run a tournament among them.

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