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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the torrentshell a good jacket for the rain?

It is not insulation. This will make a good warm weather jacket. The Torrentshell will be a little stiffer and a little heavier than some 2.5-layer jackets, but it will more abrasion resistant and keep you drier in heavy, prolonged rain. Helpful? What is the difference between this men’s jacket and the women’s version?

Is the torrentshell jacket ZIP in compatible?

The Torrentshell jacket is not zip in compatible. Helpful? In REI website, there are two Men's Torrentshell Jacket, such as Torrentshell Jacket in main REI category and Torrentshell Rain Jackek in the Outlet category. What's the difference between? Is the one in Outlet older version?

How much is the Patagonia torrentshell 3L?

Join the co-op today and get back an estimated $14.90 on this item. The 3-layer construction of the women's Patagonia Torrentshell 3L jacket has a new backer, making it more durable than its 2.5-layer predecessor, so you can stay dry in less-than-ideal conditions.

Is the torrentshell worth it?

The Torrentshell has an average packed size but is still plenty small enough to be used as a just-in-case layer while out on day hikes (and hoping to save weight). The increase in durability and superior longevity does have a downfall, but it isn't a significant one.

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