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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 universities in the world?

1 Harvard University 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology 3 Stanford University 4 University of California--Berkeley 5 University of Oxford 6 California Institute of Technology 7 Columbia University 8 Princeton University 9 University of Cambridge 10 University of Washington

Which is the best university in the world in 2000?

GLOBAL 2000 LIST BY THE CENTER FOR WORLD UNIVERSITY RANKINGS World Rank Institution Country National Rank Score 1 Harvard University USA 1 100 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology USA 2 96.7 3 Stanford University USA 3 95.1 4 University of Cambridge United Kingdom 1 94.1 31 more rows ...

What are the best universities to study in the US?

1 Harvard University. 2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 3 Stanford University. 4 University of California--Berkeley. 5 University of Oxford. 6 California Institute of Technology. 7 University of Cambridge. 8 Columbia University. 9 Princeton University. 10 University of Washington.

Which universities are the most prestigious in the world?

Harvard University tops the teaching pillar, while the University of Oxford tops the research pillar and Macau University of Science and Technology leads the international pillar. Overall, 1,662 universities are ranked.

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