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Frequently Asked Questions

Was 1941, the year Germany lost the war?

Everything, is the answer. 1941 was the year Germany attacked the world and lost the war. Hitler, in an orgy of wrong headed decision making, condemned Germany to ultimate defeat. It is dangerous to claim inevitability in history. Few things are. But Germany's defeat by the end of 1941 was inevitable.

How old Am I If I was born in 1941?

if i was born in 1941, you are 86 years old in 1941.

How old is someone born in 1941?

Someone born in 1941, will be this old this year: 80 years old. NOTE: Today is August 20, 2021. If that someone was born after today's date in 1941, then he or she would only be 79 years old as of today. Thank you for using Research Maniacs to find out how old someone born in 1941 would be today.

What war was in the year of 1942?

World War II 1942 United States . Following the United States joining the War it truly becomes a World War with most areas of the world effected in some way and choosing sides , There are so many important facts that happened we have only a few facts and leave it to others more knowledgeable than ourselves to provide a more detailed account

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