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Frequently Asked Questions

What does 1911 stand for?

The “1911” stands for the year of acceptance or introduction. The M1911 means it was it was the United States military issued pistol produced by the Colt Firearms Company in the .45 Automatic Cartridge. What does the M in M1911 pistol stand for? Many times military nomenclature is unimaginative. This is done on purpose.

Why is the 1911 so special?

The 1911 was the first high volume production of a short recoil design whereby the barrel and slide would unlock independently. This design became the basis for almost all popular centerfire semi autos in the 20th century. The .45 ACP cartridge also had excellent stopping power as opposed to other offerings in use at the time.

What historical events happened on 1911 in any country?

Historical Events for the Year 1911. 1st January » Northern Territory is separated from South Australia and transferred to Commonwealth control.; 2nd January » A Siege of Sidney Street known as gun battle in the East End of London left two dead and sparked a political row over the involvement of then-Home Secretary Winston Churchill.; 3rd January » A 1911 Kebin earthquake called magnitude 7 ...

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