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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you endorse a check to a third party?

The correct way to endorse a third-party check is the person the check is made out to must sign it over to a new (third party) recipient. If you need a check, know the differences between a cashier’s check vs. a certified check from a bank. A cashier’s check and certified check are different as they do not require a third person.

What are the risks of endorsing a check to a third party?

The danger of fraud and theft is higher with third-party verification. As a result, banks and credit unions have rigorous guidelines for approving third-party checks, with some refusing to accept them altogether. Banks ever accepted only the most reliable depositors.

Why is it important to endorse a check over to someone else?

First, though, a general word of warning about check fraud: The reason why banks require you to endorse checks is to prevent fraud. Signing the back of a check helps to confirm your identity. However, it is possible for criminals to intercept your check before it is processed, alter the endorsement, and thereby steal the money associated with it.

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